Velocity update!

The velocity sensitivity update is awesome!!! Finally I can play some accented hi-hats.

Has anyone tried it yet? Whaddya think?

Link to software update downloads

It works really well!

It seems to do slightly better on a firm surface like a desk or a writing desk, but it’s still workable in your lap.

Definitely a great addition.

Physically, it works well. The software implementation is a bit annoying. By default, when you enable velocity is gets applied to amplitude of all patches. If you hit the keys softly, the sounds are very quiet. For me, this is not always desirable. You can attenuate the effect by using a special LFO. It has setting that narrows down the range of effective velocities the engine receives. If you set it to 80%, the velocity will be at least at 20% strength at the softest touch. Setting it to 0% make amplitude ignore velocity on that particular patch. Obvious problem: it takes up the LFO slot.

That Velocity LFO is also required to modify a parameter other than amplitude.

Live I’ve said in the suggestions thread, I think at this point OP-1 Field needs to covert Element to proper mod matrix. Or maybe do something with LFOs in general (like creating another slot somehow). The fact that controlling velocity comes at the expense of using any other “LFO” is a pretty big limitation.

However, once you play with velocity it’s hard to go back. It’s the easiest way to add variation and expression.