Video Game Video Music

hey everyone,
I'm part of a 3-person team who's making a game called N++.
(working on this game is the reason I haven't been as active on these forums as the old ones... I haven't even touched my OP-1 in months! :/ )

One of our friends is making a series of fun videos showcasing some of the enemies in the game; I've asked a few people from the forums for permission to use their tracks in these videos, but we're still looking for more music, so please let me know if you'd be happy to let us use something you've made.

To give you a sense of what we're doing, here's the first video -- beefinator was kind enough to give us permission to use his entry to Battle 24, "New Haven", and we think it works really well :)

*** IMPORTANT: This video isn't meant for public viewing yet, so please don't share it! ***

(note: we'll definitely be crediting and linking to beefinator's soundcloud/bandcamp in the final video's text description -- in addition to the existing in-video credit; this is just a temporary upload to give you a sneak peak)

Anyway, if you'd like to let us use one of your tracks in one of these videos, please send me an email: raigan AT metanetsoftware DOTCOM

(As another example of the type of music we're into, here's another OP-1 track we're using courtesy of Jeremy Blake: )


I tried viewing the video but it’s password protected.

I’m interested but I’m not sure if my stuff has the right kind of energy. Is there anything in particular you’re looking for?

Whoops, sorry - the password is “ntests” but it should be removed soon.

About energy, really we’re up for anything that’s not too laid-back, ideally it has a bit of a beat that we can cut the video to.

The game has a bunch of different colour-schemes, so we’d like things to be as diverse as possible. (I sort of figured using OP-1 music was a nice way to achieve diversity since there’s such a broad range of possibilities)

Hey @raigan, really glad you’re doing a sequel to N. I really hope you’re going to do a Steam/Linux release as well!

My old battle entry Ptolemy Walking might fit the bill for one of your vids, but would probably require some extra compression, it’s not very loud!

Loved it, very fitting to the theme.

@vehka: thanks! We’re hoping to get onto Steam, but for the moment (given our tiny team size) we’re just trying to get it finished on one platform first :wink:

I’ll send this over to Richard who’s making the videos (he gets final say on what’s picked); I like the frantic percussion.

Whoops, just realized I forgot to mention: if you’re looking to get a better sense of the style/vibe of the game, please check out the tumblr or website:

thanks again! :slight_smile:

heyo, thanks, that tune does fit quite well!

Thank you!! We’re super happy with how it turned out. :slight_smile: