Video Guide: How to Sequence a Loop Pedal with OPZ

Hey Op family! I made this video to explain in detail how to sequence a loop pedal using the OPZ’s CC messages.
It was hard to figure out so i hope it helps a few people.

Let me know any questions you have!


Some observations:

  1. I suspect the fact that the Looper only triggers with values +/-50 is a limitation on the Looper side, not the OP-Z. If you connect the OP-Z to a MIDI monitor you should see values 0-127 flowing out in real time as you turn the knob

  2. You can record a step value directly by just keep pressing the step and then turning the dial. No need to try to get this right in live record mode.

  3. You can only record one value per step. So a change from value x to value y is not recorded on a single step, but rather value x on step A and value y on step B. So you can only have 16 different values in a pattern per CC. And I think the OP-Z will not send a MIDI CC for any steps that have not been recorded on yet.

Hey thanks for the tips!!

I’ll try these out, esp #2 because that would make things so much easier. For some reason i thought i tried it that way first with little luck. But maybe i did something wrong.

Ill update my video and share my findings!

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