Video tutorial for fixing double trigs on OP-Z

Hopefully it dries out quickly! :disappointed_relieved:

I’m sure it’ll be fine! Most of it just evaporates. I used the straw aswell (although carefully :wink:) and only have occasional double trigs for almost a year now.

It would be interesting if people coming to this thread for help posted when they bought their OP-Z and how long it was used before the double triggers started, so we could have a feeling if this issue has been fixed on newer devices or not…

I had owned and used my OP-Z since Feb ‘21, double triggers occurred probably 9 mo or so into owning it?

hi I just bought one, it’s brand new and has double trigger issues in 2 keys as far as I played.

  1. is there any official communication from Teenage Engineering? it seems they’re in touch with the community, but they seem to have disappear in this one. I appreciate all solutions posted here though
  2. how often do you need to apply this Deoxit product? as it feels more like a hack than a permanent solution

Well unfortunately it seems there is no permanent fix, it’s just an arguably poorly designed keybed. Cleaning it as described in this thread will likely be a maintenance routine for the lifetime of the product.

That said, I haven’t had double triggers for many months after cleaning it.

Seeing as the retail packaging is not air tight, it’s plausible dust can get into during shipping and storage, and it can arrive with the issue. If you look around, many people on this forum have had to exchange 3 or 4 time before they got an unbent, non- double triggering device.

It’s a fantastic machine with a few glaring flaws. I still love mine and would immediately replace my OP-Z if it were lost or destroyed. Just a shame about the build quality.


Mine started with occasional double-triggering on a few keys and gradually worsened until every key was unreliable and some were unusable. After D5, every key worked perfectly (although PLEASE see the Reddit post cited in the video as if you use too much D5, your buttons can jam up for days or weeks).

I recently re-applied D5 on three keys, after almost eleven months without issues. Two keys were occasionally double-triggering and one had become straight-up unreliable. YMMV but in my opinion, it’s well within “standard maintenance.” Five minutes of upkeep every eleven months is way less than what I spend on my guitar.

Not to give TE a pass — the OP-Z costs way too much to have such basic issues. But I really like making music with it and I don’t mind doing a bit of upkeep to make sure it works.


That D5 sounds promising. I cannot get it in my country, but I’ll try to find something similar. Thanks for the tips!

However, it’s very strange to not being able to find any official feedback from TE, that’s something you realize it happens while monkey testing the product

That maintenance frequency is super normal and acceptable. My only fear is that as we’re not able to detach the keyboard for cleaning, dust never escapes, any D5 applied is like a patch over patch that at some point wont work anymore I guess?:crossed_fingers:t2:


Shhh, it’s magic….

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Hi all,

wonder if anyone has experienced this issue with double trigs:

My launch era Z eventually developed severe double-trigging problems on just about all the piano keys. Got a can of contact cleaner, gave the unit a good scrub.

Since then no hardware double-trigging (it will come back im sure).

Here is where things get interesting. My unit has many, many patterns where the double-trigging is recorded into the sequencer itself. Either on purpose or by fat-finger accident.

After the cleaning of the unit I compose a sequence on an empty project. Everything normal.

I then rapidly switch between old projects and patterns riddled with double-trigging and the new project that i’ve just created.

The clean project starts to double-trig after I bounce around enough times. I power the unit on and off, the double trigging on that clean pattern is now gone.

This suggests both a hardware and software bug, yes? Anyone experience this before?

Oh and when it comes to using contact cleaner. Go to the pharmacy and get those little dental tools with fine brush tips. Spray contact cleaner into dish, dip brush into liquid and then work it under all the buttons. Go slow and it is no problem.

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I just dabbed deoxit d5 onto my buttons using a small piece of twisted up kitchen roll, pressed them thirty times each, wiped the top, impatiently put battery straight back in, all working great.

Pleased this lazy impatient approach worked.

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Is there a correlation between bending and double triggers? My unit was pretty bent when I bought it (they all were at the store I bought it). I do get double triggers sometimes but I’m not sure if it’s the way I’m pressing the keys.

Instead of receiving a b-stock op-z on ebay I received a already used one, guessing at least 3-4 years old😅
I got a 290€ refund, after using some ebay points (50€) and a 10% Klarna Payment Welcome Bonus I paid 4,90€ “real” money :joy::tada:

The completely dead battery I was able to reanimate it with connecting it for 15 seconds to a 18650 battery.
I fixed the double triggers with Deoxit D100L :heart_eyes: see picutre in link:

I pressed the button 10x, then dabbed the whole Deoxit with a paper kitchen towel and pressed the button 20x again. I did that with all the buttons, at the very end I gave each hole or contact at least 4 short blasts of compressed air with a compressed air can and dabbed off the deoxit that escaped.

I didn’t put the bent housing in the oven, but heated it to 85 degrees with my hair dryer, over a smooth surface, i.e. holding it over the edge 1/5 with an oven glove and carefully bending it down with the other hand, the whole thing then repeat in another 1/5 increments to the other end.

Purrrrrrfect I’m super happy with the result, only issue left is the loose dials, need to find some plumber tape.


How did you detach the trigger panel from the front casing? I don’t see any screws; it appears to be integrated into it.

Hey so how did you remove the rivets and how did you put it back together again? It has been some time since the repair. Did it work in the long term?