Video tutorial for fixing double trigs on OP-Z

Warning: While this worked for me, one person has reported that this contact cleaner (WD-40 Specialist Fast Drying Contact Cleaner) led to jammed keys for over 3 weeks. Do this at your own risk!

My OP-Z has been unusable recently due to double/multiple trigs, so I decided to try to fix the problem using contact cleaner, following advice from this Reddit thread. It works really well, I’m so pleased! I recorded the whole process outlining the problem and the solution as well as a quick modification to make the unit more stable. Hopefully it’s useful for someone facing similar issues!


Thanks for posting this!

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Definitely going to have to try this. Thanks for posting.

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tip-top, thank you!


Nice. I’ve been putting off doing this because, like you, I found the recommended Deoxit cleaner prohibitively expensive in the UK. I’ve just ordered some WD-40 contact cleaner.

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In my experience, not all contact cleaners work. I tried a different one before and it only made things worse.


What was the contact cleaner you used? It’d be good to post it so that people can avoid using it.

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If the problem with double triggers are dirty contacts, does it make sense that totally fresh new OP-Z has double triggers problem too (oxidation without vacuum package wrapping may be)?

Yeah, it could be that it’s been sitting in stock a while or maybe it’s a problem with the manufacturing process. Mine definitely got worse over time though.

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FYI: I tried using the WD-40 “Specialist Contact Cleaner” I used about the same amount shown in the posted video. It seemed to work on a few buttons that had very bad double trigs. But it made several buttons stop working completely, unless you press down very hard the button will not trigger. I looked at the reddit post and found a link to the elektronauts. See below. In the elektron post it expressly says not to use WD-40 or other contact cleaners. “Only use deoxit D5” I have not used deoxit but from all of the material I have read, it seems like the way to go. regardless I hope my OP-Z eventually will start working after some time passes. BTW it has been 3 weeks with no improvment.

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I’m sorry to hear that, it worked perfectly for mine, and a few people have contacted me that have used the same contact cleaner (WD-40 specialist fast drying contact cleaner) and it worked fine for them too. I imagine that the Elektronauts post is specifically meaning regular WD-40, the lubricating oil/water displacer, definitely don’t use that, as they specifically mentioned ones that are greasy. In the original Reddit post, the OP said:

The bad news? I used too much D5 and completely jammed a number of keys for almost 5 days.

I imagine it’s the same problem here, it could be that it just worked its way in quickly. Hopefully it dries out and releases the keys soon.

I agree… It seems like a lot of people have been successful with this method. I am hoping it will eventually it will start working again. Thank you for the input!

I added a warning to the video title with details about your experience in the description. Please let me know if this does resolve itself.

Thanks to this thread, I bought some Deoxit in this format: CAIG Laboratories D100L-25C Contact Cleaner - that’s the one with the needle tip (see )

Worked perfectly for my OP-Z that had a couple of double-triggering keys that were bothering me. Put a couple of drops on those keys (easy with the needle applicator), pressed them 20/30 times, let the OP-Z rest a couple of hours, and it’s good as new.

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For those of you that have done this - does it still work? Or did the effect die off?

I have used this kit successfully

worked perfectly, and had some other stuff to help me get a midi keyboard back up and running smooth.
As well as fix a finicky door ajar switch on my truck lol

I’ve been double trigger free for at least 6mo of weekly use, sometimes longer. I keep mine stored in the roll up bag inside a zippered pocket on my op-1 case, so hopefully it isn’t getting exposed to too much dust while it sits :sweat_smile:

Edit: the kit I link has changed. The one I used came with brush applicator bottles, not squeeze tubes.

I’ve only done it once and my OP-Z is still much better. I do get an occasional double trig, but it’s very rare.

oh man I wish I watched this again before just using the straw that came with the thing and just liberally soaking the whole thing what a nightmare I think I ruined it

It’ll dry out, hopefully you worked it into the buttons nicely. It could take a week for it to fully dry if fully soaked like that, from what I hear