Videopak I am building


Here is a YouTube Snippet video of a VideoPac which I plan to give you guys real soon.


Oh heck yeah!
Looks great! video was the main reason I nabbed the OPz so I’m glad to see these developing.


gimme gimme :heart_eyes:


Very cool! great work


Thanks for the encouraging comments. I created a Videopak (note I am spelling it correctly now lol).

I created a GitHub repository and dropped a zip file of the Videopak in there.

starharrier/OP-Z-Videopaks. The file is
Once on the IOS device, you can orbit the Camera around the scene with the green wheel. Notes on Channel 4 will trigger some rising embers, notes on channel 2 will trigger a kind of sparkly snow shower.

I’ll set up things and post the source in due course so that those of you so inclined can have fun with it.


@starharrier: really great! Thanks for sharing.