Videopak I am building

Here is a YouTube Snippet video of a VideoPac which I plan to give you guys real soon.


Oh heck yeah!
Looks great! video was the main reason I nabbed the OPz so I’m glad to see these developing.

gimme gimme :heart_eyes:

Very cool! great work

Thanks for the encouraging comments. I created a Videopak (note I am spelling it correctly now lol).

I created a GitHub repository and dropped a zip file of the Videopak in there.

starharrier/OP-Z-Videopaks. The file is
Once on the IOS device, you can orbit the Camera around the scene with the green wheel. Notes on Channel 4 will trigger some rising embers, notes on channel 2 will trigger a kind of sparkly snow shower.

I’ll set up things and post the source in due course so that those of you so inclined can have fun with it.

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@starharrier: really great! Thanks for sharing.

It looks awesome! Any chance you’ll pop up the source stuff?

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Can you make a basic tutorial on how to create it with unity?


Also interested in learning more (source, tutorial, etc)! :clap:t2::clap::clap:t4:

There is a visual artist on Youtube called ninety six, he made an entry level tutorial about videolab

You should check this before… also learning some animation basics from blender is easy enough because of lots of documentations and videos around… dont know much about unity yet
… i hope i could import my animation from blender to unity and then make a videopak out of it…