vintage beats on the op1

warm psychedelic sounds inspired by vintage samples from the indian subcontinent… loaded with tape fx. made it on the op1 and juiced it up on ableton…

lmk what you folks think!!

You should get your beats on the Music Critique Club!! interesting beat mixtures. I don’t find the indian influences other than the Tablas/Khol, could you be more specific about the LP’s you used?

Nice swing on the beats, love how drum grooves get treated on our little clay friend.


Nice lpf on the kicks and such… Sounds good on my MBP shitty speakers

@brnsctr Love these tracks, all of your music is just great and look forward to more!

hey thankyou every one for the kind words!!

i tried staying away from the regular or overused Indian sounds… hence i sampled/flipped some garage 45s (for track1 alongwith some bollywood sounds) that came out of the subcontinent… i also collect those and hence it made sense to me… ( i would mention the 45 i sampled… but thats not really fun right?.. lol)

track 2 is mostly just one realy good and full sounding percussion sample and ive added a whole lot of one shot samples to it…

track 1 and 2 are almost completely samples…

for 3, i for the synth and vibes and snare from records too…

please note that the tracks were mixed and post produced on ableton … but the entire thing was made ON the op1…

thank you again!

Sick stuff

In a roob-a-doob style. :smiley:

In a roob-a-doob style. :smiley:

hahah… you got that right bro!

@brnsctr Love these tracks, all of your music is just great and look forward to more!

i really appreciate you taking out the time to check it out… thank you