Virtual Flannel Tapes Back In Stock-Super Limited!!!

Hey fam! Found a few extra tapes and put them up on my band camp. There are few of each of my Cassette releases, 24BitCassette, We Flyin’, and Neon Waves. All of these were made using the OP-1 heavy, with Biscuit and a few Octa glitches here and there. If you are looking for OP-1 music on tape, I got you famm!! :slight_smile:

Merch | Virtual Flannel

Yay, I finally get me some VF tapes! Got all three :slight_smile:

Wow! Thanks for the support homie! Appreciate it!

All gone! :slight_smile:

fack! I was gonna order one.

@MATT_HAND PM me which one(s) you want. I’ll see what I have. :wink: