Vocals - OP-Z / OP-1

Hey!, Curious if anyone has fun tricks for vocals. ive used the Radio effect on the op-1 to do some cool robotic vocals. however im curious if anyone has tried to tackle studio vocals into either devices?.

any cool work around’s for getting great quality vocals, do you record directly? or record externally, process the vocals and then reimport the audio into a sampler to use?.

curious how people have dealt with this. for the most part the vocals i have seen were sampled from other sources and they just had proper processing already.

thanks for your input!


I recorded some vocals through the OP-Z mic here: https://youtu.be/I0kcaXQqp6o
The whole output of the OP-Z then went into a handheld recorder. No external processing done.
As I was quite loud, I turned the gain all the way down, so I wouldn’t overpower the instrumental.
So I’d say, if you need some quick vocal chops…just sing something into the mic :slight_smile:

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I have used the microphone recording to a DAW on my iPad or Mac and the quality is actually pretty good considering its a synth and not a studio microphone. I put it in a cell phone holder on a tripod. I did find it is best to hang it upside down in front of the vocalist level with their nose otherwise it will pick up the puffs of air from their mouth as pops in the audio. The built in effects are pretty cool and the fact that you can connect it directly to a recorder via USB-C so its lossless. I used it to record my daughter and her guitar on this.

This isn’t exactly a completed work, but just a trial of ideas. Only live instruments is her and the guitar, everything is DAW’d.

Great stuff!, thanks for sharing guys :smiley: