Vocoder - How did they do this?

Hey, i just wondered if any of you geniuses could offer a detailed explanation / tutorial on how they achieved the Bon Over vocal effect in this video?..


Im guessing its something to do with LFO linked to Mic input but I’m no OP-1 expert!..

Thanks in advance.

I would assume the vocals and OP-1 are going into the computer where the OP-1 audio is being used to vocode the vocal. The OP-1 is just acting as a sound source (or hell, even just a MIDI controller for all we know), not a vocoder.

It almost seems like there is some autotune in there too. Like there are times where he is not changing keys and the vocals still change. And also around 1:55 in where he isn’t pressing any keys but there is obviously some autotune.

I would guess that OP-1 is only being used as a MIDI controller (as jjbbllkk suggests) and the computer is running a vocoder/voice program like isotope vocalsynth or something similar.

I meant Izotope (damn that spelling correction)!

in the comments they say it’s only hooked up onto ableton. once you manage to use the op-1 as a midi controller I think you can use this guide to get the vocoder. But on my opinion it’s not a big deal, you’d better use whatever midi keyboard instead. A cheap old casio or a 4000€ kurzweil it’s the same for this purpose. But at least you have normal sized keys and many more octaves.