Vocoder tape

Is it possible to pass the tape into the vocoder?

It seems like the ‘In-out’ (ear) setting does not let the tape play through with the vocoder. I can get the tape to play into the sampler this way. Cheers

Maybe that’s why I can’t get the vocoder to work? What is that in-out ear thing for? The vocoder?

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The ‘ear’ setting takes the output audio from the OP-1 so can be useful in things like the sampler engine. Press COM and move to ‘mic’ to get off that setting.

Not sure why the ‘ear’ setting doesn’t work on vocoder for us, I’m keen to repeatedly pass a sound through the vocoder engine without the use of cables.

the ear in out is the “resample” function. it will allow you to use any audio signal present in the main master out to be sampled as the input source. you can even do this with your “mix down” record thing if you want to resample and have your audio NOT fixed to tape speed manipulations.

@yellow_eyez - no the vocoder is a (simulation of a) traditional vocoder device and will modulate the input signal based on the keyboard stroke pitches. in pop music you’ll hear most folks sing into a mic as the base signal and use the keyboard to pitch their voice around to chords etc.

@DWD i dont think there is a straightforward way to do this since as you pointed out the resample feature doesnt allow you to pipe through the vocoder, this is not a limitation, it is by design, as this would immediately cause a feedback loop. the best way to achieve this is a 2 part process where you record your tape to some other device and play it back through the op1 as input. or if your tape segment is short enough, you could use the drum sampler. if you slow the tape speed down you can get i think up to 90 seconds into the drum sampler but be aware that if you slow it down maximally the bitrate is reduced significantly. i think 20s is the max at full audio quality for the drum sampler.


@djcuvcuv thanks for response. Can I get more detail on the drum sampler approach to get the sound through the vocoder please? I think that is what you were suggesting.

I had actually been messing around with sending the sound externally through an PO-35 and the OP-1 vocoder, and found that it can sound good.

Correction to my previous message, I meant ‘mic/input’ key rather than ‘COM’ key.

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ugh my bad i got your hopes up. the vocoder through the drum sampler idea was not correct. i had gotten confused about what i had done in the past for a project and got it all backwards. lol this stuff is complicated unless you trace your steps in real time :smiley:

so i take back what i said about the drum sampler approach. only way is to have it recorded externally like on tx6 or an fx-loop via tx6 or any other recording medium and have that medium as the plain old op1f line inuput

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Why when I try to sample a synth it doesn’t do the 6 second sample? It does the 20 second drum kit sample?

hmmm. you must be inadvertently in the drum sampler and not the synth sampler then.

Yes; I click synth, shift com, and then hit the key but it doesn’t do 6 seconds … idk

Ok so I can resample the tape into the vocoder with just one aux cable and the following steps:
Source audio on track one.
Switch to track two.
Use mixer to silence track two.
Use vocoder to sample incoming audio.
Use mixer to restore track two volume.

I am still interested in how to do it without the cable.