Volca FM Owners - Does the sound often seem to softly pop/click when you trigger a note?

Hiya, I recently got my first Volca, the Volca FM. I’ve been sequencing it with my OP-Z and just playing with generally. I like it, but I find that sounds often start with a soft pop/click sound that I can’t remove by adjusting the attack. The sound doesn’t seem to start smoothly. It’s a bit too sharply on/off-ish. It’s my first FM synth and I’ve been enjoying transferring DX7 patches onto it, but I’m starting to wonder if there’s something wrong with mine. Any thoughts?

It happens on some patches. It doesn’t quite match up perfectly with the DX-7 btw, so some patches won’t quite sound the same. It’s pretty bang-on a good amount of the time, but sometimes it just falls apart. I’ve got a few patches that won’t even sound.

One thing I noticed is chorus can sometimes cause clicking.

Hey, thanks for getting back to me about this. Yeah I’ve found that the VolcaFM can sound very different to like Dexed, but it’s cool and I’m enjoying it. Yeah the chorus is strange, its just on or off and that’s it. Its also annoyingly on by default. If you edit and save a patch with it turned of, it’s back on again when you next turn it back on.

Hey so this is pretty cool: http://ranzee.com/korg-volca-fm-firmware-1-08-unofficial-update/

Some madman customized the firmware and did a bunch of bugfixes. Notably, it will respond to velocity, import DX7 patches more accurately and the buggy LFOs are fixed.

The linked page has a mirror of the fw, but there’s some important information on the reddit thread it links to as well.

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