Volume Cutting Out When Switching Between Tracks

Hey guys. So, I just got this OP-1 (used) and I want to make sure that this isn’t a hardware or possibly setting issue I’m having here because it just doesn’t seem like a desired behavior…

Should I be able to switch between Tracks 1-4 while the tape is playing something I’ve recorded and not have the volume cut-out momentarily as I’m hitting a track number?

Many thanks in advance for your help.

That’s normal because the tape buttons also serve as solo buttons. Mine does it, too, and I have a new one.

it’s a tricky routine to master. identify the track absolutely essential to keep going so sound doesn’t cut off, and press that first and hold while you switch to your destination track. that’s how the lore goes ;

Thanks for the help, folks. I think I’m understanding now. Seems like a strange choice, but it does allow for some cool soloing tricks, I suppose.