Volume knob “Repair”

My cat had broken my volume knob by knocking my OB-4 off a shelf, and I had success glueing the knob back together and into the unit.

Well, it happened again, only this time I tipped it over myself by pulling a cable I did’t realize looped behind it, and caught it, but the knob popped off in my hand.

So this time I figured I’d share some pictures from the “process” of the “repair” lol

This ring is clocked to the center magnet piece, but a recalibration will take care of that.

After glueing the pieces together I applied a little glue to the ring and inserted the reassembled knob into the encoder motor.

Then I performed a calibration by holding both buttons through the loop screen until the recal prompt popped up and pressed and held play to complete the recalibration.

Fully functional again! I decided to stick with the superglue instead of trying an epoxy because at least I know if these 3 pieces come apart again I can fix it!


show us your cat!

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Here’s our furry little gremlin, Tito