VOTING_Battle 58 - The Odd Battle (anyone can vote!)

This battle is an exploration of odd time signatures and unusual ways of subdividing rhythms, which isn’t always easy to do (tastefully). Big thanks to those who took the time to drop an entry. We had 12 entries by 6 battlers. There’s a link to a sound cloud playlist below that includes all tracks for easy listening. I will also list out each track individually for reference. Any member of this site can vote! You do not need to have submitted a track! Voting will close this Sunday, the 27th at midnight. Just drop a comment below and I will tally up the votes on Monday, the 28th and declare a winner. Good luck, operators!

Playlist link:


“Pete’s of Music”
“Brand Practice”
" Bird Compatible"

“Something Odd”
“Pasta Pesto”

“Mond Sequenz 2”

“Small Space Deep Space”


Here are my two entries which are ineligible for voting as the battle host.
“What The Hell Was That?”


So much good stuff here!
I will vote soon and long live the battles!
Thanks to every participant and the host @KOHLBERG

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All tracks were great, and I have some other favorites for sure, but @Lymtronics dropped a last minute track that is so lush and flavorful that I have to pick it. Cerulean is my vote!

Wow “Master at Work” my vote goes for @Lymtronics <3 - true beauty that one.

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My vote goes there too :wink: Sublime entry, makes the odd theme very musical. Good to see @Lymtronics in the battles again!

I really enjoyed all entries (except one of mine, lol). Standard was high and it was a good brief. Looking forward to the next one now :wink:


Just started to have a proper listen through the other entries.
So far just listened to @KOHLBERG - love that oddness! Really works.
Now listening to Band Practice. That’s also a great piece @kln - loving that too.
:0) must go for now.

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Such a great playlist! Dug all of it.

Some standouts:

What the hell was that?

  • holy shit this had me grooving… love the unison lines

Brand practice

  • great samples and atmosphere… feels like something by Opiate (objects for an ideal home)


  • Great use of clock thing. Definite space-solitude opera vibe. Dig the ending!


  • This one has such a cool linear feeling while obviously recycling some loops. I don’t know how you managed that. great simplicity and movement.

My vote goes to @KOHLBERG’s What the Hell Was That? Something about it just gets me.

Nice work, everyone! Very inspiring!

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Thanks @mrbernard! I’m gonna make you pick someone else though. As the battle host, I can’t win. My songs are for fun :sunglasses:.

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I swear I learned how to read…

Gonna have to go with my love for Opiate and pick @kln for Brand Practice

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Voting ends tomorrow night!!

I also give my vote for @Lymtronics. Very nice change of melodies!

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Great entries all around. I cast my vote for Naranjas by @yoof.

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one more vote for @Lymtronics here.

a big thanks to @KOHLBERG for hosting, and everyone else who submitted tracks, as i thoroughly enjoyed all of the entries.

looking forward to the next one!

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Let’s crown our winner :wink: Need a new brief, hehe.


A very big congratulations to @Lymtronics!! :tada::balloon::fireworks:

Looking forward to seeing your brief for the next battle my friend!


Woohoo! Congrats @Lymtronics!


Congratulations @Lymtronics as well as every contributor !!
I am very sad I couldn’t find the time or motivation to participate, as the brief was right up my alley.

But I look forward to contributing for next battle !


That was an amazing battle!
Well done @Lymtronics and everyone for joining in and well done @KOHLBERG for such an effective hosting and rules! It turned out to be a cracker! :boom: :boom: :revolving_hearts:

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Thanks for the votes, everybody. Thanks for listening. Hats off to everyone for such lovely entries.

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