Voting for Battle 25

Hello ohpee-contributors, listeners and residents!

Here’s the list of songs for Battle 25! Many are/ were on vacation, but we have at least five entries and my fornonvotableone : ). The rules were tuff for some but we have also @kln as a new participant which is good! Welcome to the Battles! Thanks for all the songs!

Everyone here on this forum can vote!!! Voting ends Friday night.






and mine (you cannot vote for this!) @mixrasta

the beat/melody with the layers really work.

like the mechanism for transition I like how on first listen I was not hinting about what cam next and i was always surprised.

With yours I am going to be more critical. I felt like I could not fine the original tracks at all. I don’t believe I can see them directly in mine outside of voice samples.

I like this effort. more because you put yourself out there them most with a style trying to fit an need. great work.

not sure there is more to stay the it is totally stax… Snap!

hard but i say @adrigax

thanks for the vote [somebody]?!?!

my vote will go to @lymtronics. nice work! appreciate the drum work, and appreciating the overall vibe. love the horn coming in around 3:20. wish i had more of the horn in mine too. nice mix!

honorable mention to @mixrasta. if voting was possible, it would have been split 50/50.

everyone else did great stuff too, of course!


thanks for the notes. after several sketches and erasing tape (too) many times, this is where it ended up. it was an humdinger of a challenge…tried to keep a little of the psychedelic vibe that Mr Gainsbourg blessed us with by using delay, LFO & a hint of irreverence.

really enjoyed the build up on yours too. spaced out!

as i mentioned before…good entries all around!

Lovely work everybody. Tough choice but @adrigax gets my vote. I was impressed by everyone’s songs though!

Tough choice, but I’ll go for @lymtronics - very slickly produced and a great feel to the track.

Enjoyed them all though

Nice laid back melody. I like the use of the drums, gives the tune a surf 50’s feeling!

That is a crazy DJ mix of the original! Totally matches the pic totally, I also love it when Besame mucho is getting mixed into the whole thing. Fun to listen to!

Which synth engine did you use for the background twizzle? Sounds as if you sampled YMO, really. S&H probably. Cool adaption of Serge’s song in a typical Dimi Style!

Another big rock from you! Good to listen to on my hungover ; ). Nice playing with the drum samples of both songs and some voice from Gainsbourg. Oh and the trumpet part together with the synths is very well done!

Nice work with the samples here. Kind of minimalistic with subtle little changes that makes the song stay in flow!

I like all the songs, and I have more than one favourite, but I just give it to @adrigax for his unconventional approach. Really cool how you brought the two songs togather in the middle of your song! Nice Battle 25!!

@dimi3 My track is littered with samples from both songs. I know the sound is supported by a heavy dose of synthesis, but there is a lot of sampling going on. The first ten seconds are nothing but blended samples- loops of Serge’s guitar against drum sounds taken from the Alpert song augmented with the drum sampler envelope and the punch effect. There is the more obvious vocal sample that comes in, but less obvious is it’s distorted version that is the snare occurring at the same time. There is a third version of a snare drum later in the song which was grabbed form Gainsbourg. There are xylophone samples from the Herb Alpert song. I realize that I may have altered some sounds beyond recognition, but there are definitely instances where the sounds are intact. Near the end there is a distinct trumpet sound from Alpert playing alongside a piano note that is repitched from the Gainsbourg song. There is also a bass note and a bass slide from the Alpert song used in a couple sections. There is probably more, and it’s not all worth pointing out, but there is always some kind of sample going on including all the the percussion sounds minus a white noise from the radio at the very end. I don’t mean to be overly sensitive and I doubt you meant any harm, but I wanted to point out that there is a lot more from the provided songs than just a vocal sample.

@Lymtronics I can see that in hindsight… You should do a vid of your process. You are one of the most respect people with a OP-1 in hand. When I point to people, you are my example. explaining this to us is great.

I was the first to point out I made a piece which is not recognizable in relationship to the original.

Again, I am critical of your be cause you are one of the best talents out there. But maybe I shouldn’t be.

Don’t hate the critic… we are only jealious!

My vote goes to @adrigax crazy cool tune!

Nice words @dimi3 to the great @Lymtronics. I really like your finishing sentiment. I didn’t have much time to listen to this battle ,it was tight between you two IMHO.Must shout out to our host @mixrasta , it’s only fair we couldn’t vote for you - an excellent “mix” .Not sure I got my vote in in time . @Lymtronics -difficult to resist . Well done all entries.

Sorry I don’t have time for detailed comments. Everyone did a great job in this battle and each entry had its own unique spin. My vote went to @ali for the chill vibe. Sounds like a video game. I also really liked the part at the end with the trumpet sample and the synth swells. Nice work on all the tracks, everybody.

Sorry for the delay, I didn’t have internet the last days…

But we have a winner, guess who? Lymtronics! Fantastic song and I did notice many more samples, but I was a bit lazy or hurried to write more. I find it very interesting how we produce our songs and which snippets we used in which ways. Maybe everyone could write some more about their songs in the next battles. Thanks for the insights!

Looking forward to Battle 26!!!

Before I even write a word about the tracks, I didn't even get a chance to listen to the two tracks that form the basis of the challenge, so I will comment on the tracks as original compositions by the operator-1 artists, with little to no reference to the source materials.

@ali Nice bouncy track with cool retro vibes. Could be a little repetitious, but I think it manages to stay fresh from start to finish. Nice timbres all through.

@adrigax Like the radio switching intro. Your use of the sample, tuned to different pitches sounded very original. I don't remember hearing a effect quite like that before. I like the rhythmic vocal samples later in the work too, which nicely intros the horn section. This track is a well constructed musical composition, with very interesting methods to it's making.

@dimi3 the opening reminds me of music concrete works from the late 20th cent. It morphs nicely into a more "musical" direction. I really dig the whole thing. Exceptionally subtle work throughout.

@lymtronics Wow, a totally emo/psycho mind journey. I love how you wove the distant horn parts, like a memory of another song, but part of this one. Very cool. Always dig your work.

@kin This is a quirky track, fun, if a bit short for my taste. I like the playful nature of it, but felt it ended too quickly, just as it was developing.

@Mixrasta I have a lot of expectations on this one, since you did the rules on this (nearly) impossible mission (IMO). Not impossible, just very hard to do on the OP-1, in my experience. I like your take a lot, and if it was possible I might have even given you my vote. This track is really polished and pleasing all the way through. I like the retro elements, and feel like you have created something both classic and new at the same time. Great job.

My vote goes to @lymtronics as the most well realized of the eligible tracks, IMO. But great work everyone. You bested a lot of us just for showing up and posting something, and in all cases, something good. Cheers!

Thanks @Tribrix, also @Spheric_EL, @kln, @dimi3, @ali, @ghostly 606 for the kind words on mine!

We had a long voting time, but, anyway, your vote doesn’t change it : ).
I wonder what Lym’s next battle concept will be? Definately another finished track, that’s why I like to participate in the battles and of course the feedback, so much fun to share! See you there!

Thanks to the crazy people who voted for my tune. I was so not happy with it that I almost hesitated to post it here. But it looks like I did right, your votes make me happy.

I’m sorry I didn’t have time to vote, too busy in my real life to even listen to the songs. Now I did, congratulations to everyone and looking forward to the next battle!

Sweet entries here. I voted for adrigax. Man i love the new voting system! I haven’t voted since ohpeewon.

Congrats @lymtronics !!! Looking forward to 26.