WAIFU Demo マイワイフ Reverb // Lofi Analog Bit Crusher

WAIFU マイワイフ
ultra washed out // lofi analog sample rate resolution
reverb & bit crusher unit

more info @ https://www.etsy.com/shop/digdugDIY?section_id=18348034
& on the youtube description

But why, oh why, no stereo ?


i wish!

but true stereo sorta requires two of everything on the inside or some type of mixing but then it wouldn’t actually be stereo… :smiley:
if it were a digital effect might be a different story as it seems a lot of the DSP chips are built for stereo operation.

just generally speaking, don’t overlook the mono tho. simplistic, minimal…less wires! if its good enough for brian wilson, its good enough for me. haha

If you are using it as a send with a small mixer that is also often done mono. Looks really cool homie!

Sure, sorry…
That might have been a bit rude.
Plus I should have said first that it sounds truly beautiful !
Congrats Doc !

all good homie! thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

i know the struggle. i got tired of missing out on so many effects that are mono that i eventually just got used to doing most things in mono so that i could continue to get down! stereo is def a nice feature to have

…i often forgot that good old @docshermsticks is at least digdugdiy! man i love you

much love ! <# @johnnyego



Cool, nice OP-1 shirts at the shop as well!

thanks dude!

@docshermsticks Any plans to sell another batch of reverb pedals? I love the Waifu demo!

@zzzach yo! might have gotten back to u on fb already. in any case, another batch is in the works. thanks man!

Yep, that was me. Thanks for the update!

anytime g!

more WAIFU

Missed that blue Waifu+ by seconds. The purple one shall be mine!

they gone already???

they gone