Waiting on OP-Z

Hey all, I’m just frustrated and venting, wondering if anyone else is in the same boat as me. I made an order through Moog in Toronto a bit over a month ago for a PO33, and they at that time made a big TE order for everything, OP-Z included. After about a week I switched my order to an OP-Z, but it was all already ordered so it wasn’t a problem for them.

The OP-Z has gone in and out of stock at least 3 times now on TE’s website, and they are yet to ship their order to the store I bought it from. So it seems to me they are selling units when they have yet to fulfill all their already paid for back ordered units, which rubs me the wrong way.

I’ve been emailing Moog now and then and they’re very helpful and let me know that unfortunately they know as little as me and TE does not communicate with them or give them any updates until they get a shipping label. I’ve tried contacting TE but they just send an unhelpful automated message.

I know I’m just being impatient, but it is an expensive device so I’m a bit anxious about it. Just wondering if anyone else is also waiting for one and wondering what’s going on?

Sorry for the rant which I’m sure is nothing new. Just dying to get my hands on this thing!

I was in the same boat as you, but ended up ordering from Tom Lee Music in Vancouver and received it within a week. Last I checked they had stock, and they even gave me about a $40 discount without me asking, which I was impressed by. Perhaps try giving them a call or a look? I know last I checked - as I was in the same boat as you - there were almost 50 pre orders ahead of me at the Toronto Moog location. Good luck! :slight_smile:

You can cancel your order and get one second hand. They seem to appear regularly on the second hand market, due to the complexity of use( i guess). Around here they go secondhand for around 450€.

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Thanks for the response, nice to hear from someone that ordered from the same store! I have sent them an email to verify if I am behind others in queue or not, because I was under the impression that they had recieved nothing and I would be with the first shipment when they got it. If that is the case, I’ll likely cancel and order elsewhere if I can see it available. I didn’t want to cancel as they had been helpful and detailed in response and I wanted to buy locally, but we’ll see what they say.

I tinkered with the idea of buying second hand, but personally I need to have a new one. Thanks for the idea though!

In that case you have to be patient :). It is worth it.

Hmm yup I just found out I’m 45th in line, which I’m kind of bothered they didn’t mention at any point. I doubt that they get that many units at once, so I’m probably looking another month or two wait for them, so I’ll keep my eyes out for stock elsewhere and cancel if necessary.

I highly recommend buying from a retailer instead from TE directly.


I cancelled my order with them and bought it from a seller on Amazon that had it in stock, it’ll be here in two days! So excited :grin:

There are 20+ units at gear4music, and one B-stock (577€) if some one is interested in

Thomann has the op-z in stock too most of the time.

You simply need to google op-z and look at the shopping results. I get the result of 20 online shops with the op-z in stock.

Yeah like I said I wanted to buy locally and it was the only store I could find around that sold it, plus the price was cheaper than anywhere else I could find at the time. But now I have one arriving today or tomorrow from an Amazon seller in the US, so that’s that! I did buy the case though from the local store.

The OP-Z is back in stock on www.teenageengineering.com