Warm leatherette

I’m trying to cover the normal’s ‘warm leatherette’ but can’t figure out the snare pattern. Anybody know it? I’m using a daw for my drums.

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Isn’t it just a snare on the 2 and 4?

That’s what I thought but it didn’t sound right. Maybe I just screwed up the kick drum too.

Do you have a recording of your attempt? I could help you get it right…

edit: you could easily do it all on the OP-1, it’s quite a minimal song

here’s my kick pattern.

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Ah ok, you’ve got the kick slightly wrong. You need to move the second and third kick back a little. I’ve tried using the same resolution as your Reaper piano roll here:

Blue is kick, green is snare. Hope this is clear!




Happy to be of help :smiley:

That song belongs to Grace Jones and the compass point all-stars.


The snare is on the upbeats. All of the “and’s” of the count.

If you’re counting in 4/4 it’s on the 2 and 4. If you say “ands” I’d expect that to mean an eighth note between the 1 and 2 (or similar).

It depends on how you view the meter. Both are technically correct. But based on the phrasing of the song, the feel of the snare is most likely in double time 4/4.

Here is an example of what I mean: