Second Design:


great stuff @mixrasta! I might have to look into that myself… for when I just want to sequence my op-1 using the monomachine.


Thanks @pselodux Sequencing only won’t be a problem. Btw the whole thing cost me around € 40 without the box…

Second Design:

Had missed these responses, awesome work @mixrasta!


why does no one just make a cable for this already!

All that puts me off DIY is how to house it, is it possible to get an enclosure where you can attach circuit boards and cut holes for MIDI ports, etc? I don't like the naked board / wire look.

I would be happy to help you or anyone for that matter, who needs a case made.
Some of my work is here:


Dichstudios1, that has to be the best looking PO cases I have seen to date! Did you laser engrave your graphics? Well done!


There’s a bunch of these nice aluminum with wood sides enclosures for amps too.


someone should definitely do something with these!

yes, i starting to think that diy kit may be the best way. All those midi usb host interface are overpriced, starting to think it's just about licence.


Wow nice, is the sync working with this one ?


It would be so nice to have a battery powered rechargeable host like this. For syncing roland boutiques, volcas, and other battery powered devices together while I’m in the forest worshipping sa… hiking. For when im hiking.


Question. If I got a Raspberry Pi Zero W, could I plug my iConnectivity MIDI2+ in that and have it recognized? Trying to get my OP-Z to play nice with my other DIN gear.