Warning OP-1 Field Owners Major Bug Backup Your Stuff

I thought I should let the community know of this bug I just encountered on my OP-1 Field.

I switched on my OP-1 Field and as it was booting up it did a factory init. I had not instructed it to to do so and I am on the latest firmware 1.1.6 ( from factory) .

I lost all my tapes and samples. Luckily I had been doing some backups.

I had been enjoying it for days and this is the first bug I have encountered up to now.


Thanks for the information, I’m going to back up my tapes, samples, and snapshots today. I wonder if over the last seven months this bug has been fixed?

1.2.9 from September has in its release notes:

  • fix random factory reset bug when shutting down with usb device connected

So I’m guessing it’s sorted.

Thank you darwiniandude!


Unfortunately this just happened to me on 1.5
It’s not sorted


Same thing here. 3 projects lost… thanks TE.
(1.5 firmware).
Advice : never plug your USB before connecting to a computer.


Sorry I am not understanding your advice- what is the correct order to do things in to avoid this issue?

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Absolutely start OP1 BEFORE connecting it via UBS to the computer.


I had an OP1 (original) and I sold it 4 years ago because I didn’t trust the hardware architecture (what is the lifespan of the internal memory?). I don’t regret it. What I do regret is that I cracked again and bought the OP1 FIELD. The sequencing capabilities are still as poor and the repetitive (audio) or critical (reset) bugs have finally run out of my patience.

For a few months now I have owned a DELUGE. This machine can do everything that could be done using all of TEENAGE’s products on its own and better: SD card, unlimited tracks, unlimited patterns, unlimited audio, unlimited projects, etc… all for half the price of an OP1.

And the icing on the cake is that the OS is open source and a great community is starting to build up.

everyone has their own way and approach for making music. for some, the deluge has it all, and for others, the op1f has it all, and everything in between. the deluge is not objectively better than the op1f, they are quite different devices.

concerns over the hardware architecture are unwarranted. knobs and stuff having finicky issues perhaps, but nothing that warrants concerns over the architecture itself. the internal memory need not be of anyone’s concern, its on par with any modern solid state memory, like an iPhone. for all intents and purposes, it will last long enough for someones career in music. there are 10s of 1000s (maybe more) of op1s getting plenty of great music and play out in the wild.

these devices offer different things and will appeal to different people.

i love the idea of open source. i wish the op1f had some amount of open source.

Thank you for the reply and the warning!