Warning security statement...

During my first attempt to check the speed issue of the site, I placed the forum into debug mode, I assumed it was for admin viewing only, but alas no. So for a small window of time, information was viewable to the world. In an effort to stay safe @cloudburst pointed out that in proper security state of mind, I should recommend all of you to change your passwords and if you use the password and the same email on other site you may want to think about changing those too.

I screwed up and I hope I have not created too much undo hassle for this community.

Thanks for posting @dimi3.

I’d like to go one step further and recommend, PLEASE do not use the same password on any other site. This is good practice anyway, but imperative whilst this site does not use https. To be clear:

*** Make sure you use a unique password on the Operator-1 site. Change it now if it’s used ANYWHERE else! ***

This particular advice is very important due to the current site setup and I’d be making this recommendation regardless of the email address exposure that Dimi describes above.


Thanks for looking out!

Thanks for the info.
What was the slowness issue ?

@quarantequatre our server at the moment if on a shared system where I have little control of things like memory and such so the amount of time it take to load pages can be up to 15 seconds. I am looking for a new home which I should be getting details on any day now.

Is it still a concern about passwords and security?

@Spheric_El - things are much better now in my opinion.

However, you should make sure that you aren’t still using the password which you were previously using on the Operator-1 site - for this or ANY site - especially those for which the username is also the email address you use on here.

If in doubt - change your password now, and use it with confidence in the new Operator-1 regime.

And remember: it’s not good practice to use the same credentials across multiple websites (websites which manage those credentials with variable security competence).


OK Thanks for that @cloudburst .

Anybody mind if I remove the announcement on this thread now?