Website not letting me purchase the newly available OP1 Field

So this morning I saw the OP1s back in stock; but the system wont let the payment go through. It would say something like “Something went Wrong; Fraud”. I tried with my multiple cards that I know are in good standing.
Has anyone else noticed it and what could be the workaround? Dont want to miss another round of opportunity to buy this!

if u haven’t already u might wanna email TE directly


Can you try a different payment method? Like PayPal? Make sure you disable content blockers and pop up blockers.

I paid with my visa debit card (a credit card that has no credit, I can only spend what I have, but works like a credit card) anyway on TE’s website and ONLY on TE’s website have I seen this, during checkout it brings up a website for my bank in Australia and says Fraud Prevention by NameOfBank and I think my bank sent me an SMS code I had to enter in? I’ve literally seen this never when purchasing online.

Also my bank charged me an A$90 foreign transaction fee so I wish I’d used PayPal linked to the same card to maybe avoid that.

the card you are using must have the same billing and shipping address, otherwise you have to contact them to verify you are not a credit card scam. Good luck with that. Paypal makes money by giving you a shittier conversion rate for any currency conversions so it will cost more that just using a credit card. for the OP-1 Field you will probably be paying almost $100 extra to Paypal.

Ahh, so likely no better than the $90 AUD or so my bank charged me.

Thank you everyone for their responses. I did take the Paypal route and no they did not charged me extra. Appreciate everyone’s input!


I’m having the same problem and it’s definitely not my card as a) nothing has changed whatsoever (addresses correct, etc) and b) I just made a purchase last week (en route to me now) with the same card I first attempted the other day. I have no desire to use PayPal as I get credits from my cards on these expensive purchase (besides, PayPal, IMO is shit).

Tried several cards, same instant response: FRAUD (in exciting ALL CAPS). In fact, my card companies aren’t even seeing attempts to authorize a charge, so this is a preemptive rejection based on my name or address.

I have spent thousands of $ on my beloved TE gear, so find this annoying and insulting. TE has essentially banned me. After 3 days (from my report), TE support finally replied essentially saying must be me, have a nice day. Real leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

Sorry to spout off here, but TE’s glib reply was off-putting and I think they may have an overaggressive payment vendor or something and it might need to be addressed as I doubt I’m the only person being turned away.

I tried that and they brushed it off.

I would keep messaging them, but IDEK what I would say after that.

fwiw, u can use paypal and pay with your CC and still get your CC reward points

but ya that is pretty shitty response

Actually, that’s a fair point, but I’m just annoyed at the whole thing. They take the cards, call me a fraud and offer no help. Screw em. I don’t care to involve PayPal. Glad I’ve already purchased the OP-1 (and plenty of accessories), TX-6 (plus accessories), OB-4 (and all that fine London hand tooled leather) and I own every PO with the exception of the Rick and Morty one (for personal reasons, lol). You’d think they might assist with my freaking <$100 cable purchase. When the package they have en route to me (order from a week prior, same card) arrives, I should just return and let ‘em eat the shipping twice.

They’d have to “earn” me and my very non-fraudulent business back at this point. They literally banned me for no reason.

They are probably trying to protect themselves from fraud through PayPal because they are a small company. I don’t think you should be taking this personally, this is just how the OP-1f is being sold. You are not the only one who has run into this, they are not singling you out as a fraudster when you aren’t attempting to defraud anyone, they are just conducting business how they see fit.

They have a usable check out that won’t incur you any extra fees, if anything they are being charged a fee by PayPal, again probably just to protect from having a bunch of OP-1f’s ripped off.

I hope you can work something out, and I’m sorry their customer service is still falling short. Best of luck!

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Well sure, but in that case they should not offer that payment method. :man_shrugging:

That said, I’m happy to report that an actual empathetic human followed up with a reply and they seem to be looking into it. That helps a lot. I’m not sure if I missed out on my long-awaited always sold-out purchase and I’ve lost interest for now (I tried everything except the %#*% PayPal nonsense—I’m old school I guess), but I’m given these genius Swedes a pass.

I’m way too addicted to this stuff. Lol. And yes, I will remain in the forum (had been looking for a good TE hangout) and I’m not just here to grumble. I love ‘em, but I like being appreciated as a customer and having smooth transactions. I ain’t no grifter!! :wink:

I agree that is pretty frustrating. Glad you were able to talk to someone willing to help you!