Weird audio issue

I have a really odd issue. When i connect the OP-1F to the TX-6 mixer the drum sounds are all off. The kick drums are super low but the snares and some of the claps are super loud. This is the same when using the individual samples as well as using the sequencers. The synths do not have the same problem. I have also do not have the same issue when using the built in mic.

I have done a factory reset and reset the pot calibrations. I have also used a different amp than the TX-6 and different cables but still the same issue so it is something not correct with the OP-1F. I have had the OP-1F for about 3 weeks and it only started yesterday.

Yes, sounds like it’s only the OP-1F and not the TX-6.

I’d start with checking the effects on the drum, and the mixer settings. The master effect applies to all tracks, but each synth or drum has its own effect and sometimes this can be unexpected. Check all the pages 1-2-3-4 for the drum and mixer. Could be a weird LFO setting too.

I don’t own the TX-6, but make sure your chosen input is configured as a stereo input. A mono channel can still be panned centre and fill both speakers but it won’t be stereo. I’m suggesting this possibility since OP-1 Field drums can have individual samples panned left or right a bit and this could make some of them quieter etc

It just fixed itself. Very odd.