Weird Ear Presents (SF Mission, Odd Tuesdays)

Tuesday Nov 7
Darger Bar 16th and Harrison, SF
9ish to 11ish
Records and Tapes for sale/Trade

THE FATHERS (Coagulator, Headboggle)

THE FATHERS combine classical/acoustic/guitar with noise/keyboard/electronics to create a strange brew to bend your weird ear.

CRUEL WORK (Angela Roberts)

Angela Roberts currently lives in Oakland and has lived in New Orleans, Seoul, and Schaumburg variously. She writes prose, plays cello, and uses her body to perform. She currently edits a zine called Supertrooper. Angela’s solo noise act Cruel Work recently toured the middle part of the US. She regularly performs in ensembles in the Bay Area and performs in an ongoing electronics and improvisation project with her partner Scott Goff.