Weird Ear Records MOVING SALE

For our annual November label-birthday celebration, we have a special 6LP set we are offering for $50, which we hope to sell 40 of, in order to thoroughly fund our next releases.
Ordinarily we finance our releases by saving money from our service industry and retail jobs, but as you can see in the photo, there is construction nearing our apartment, and we will be forced to move soon, and cannot allocate funds that we may need in that eventuality. Don’t mean to cry about it, it’s the way of life here in the bay area, but we have promised releases of a few more folks, and hope to make good on those releases before reconsidering our options given the exorbitant rates of rent here.
We realize that many of you may have purchased an item or two here before, but many of these make great Christmas gifts and we would also implore you to share this great deal as you see fit!
If you just want an item or two we have also a discount code for 30% you may use for anything but this package. (if you try using it on this package deal, you will receive a note explaining it does not apply, and a refund).
Code is: SmigelTheCat
Thanks so much, and we look forward to getting more weird music out to you, and your weird ears!

you get:
Alessandro Bosetti “Stand Up Comedy”
Glochids “Originals”
A Magic Whistle “Vision Magic Voyage”
Trumpet Trumpet Synthesizer / Horaflora “Oh Baby / My Acoustica”
Hollow Deck “Hobson’s Choice”
Angela Sawyer “On The Pedestrian Side”

Furthermore, we will send you the entire discography digitally, which includes 7 more releases!

Well, at the beginning of November, we started a sale to fund our next two releases, as we often do in November (the labels birthday), but with the added caveat that our space in Oakland of the last six years is being demolished soon and we would be either facing eviction or moving or some other form of housing torture, and so savings towards records may be rendered null and moot in our scramble to find footing in this so-called "bay area".
Well, friends, family, fans, fiends, foes even, I come here today to officially announce that a new house has fallen into our lap as of two days ago! We will be moving a mere 15 blocks north of our present location, the moving begins this weekend and we should be all settled in within two weeks time!

While yesterday was officially the last day of our sale, I have decided to extend it through the new year to help offset our moving costs and to help move along the next couple of releases which I will be announcing in due course. So!

Head on over to…/fundraiser-special-6…

Again, that's:…/fundraiser-special-6…

Don't forget that the giftgiving season is here! Our Flexi discs make great stocking stuffer's for anyone in your life, not just the record hounds! Those are NOT included in the sale but you can get an additional 30% off by using code Schmigelthecat at checkout! (We don't offer that discount on the LP deal, you may have to do 2 checkouts - shipping overages will be discounted)

ALL orders this season will come with the full digital discography send as a gift to you via email shortly after your order!

Excited and nervous, and thanks in advance to everyone!

Happy new ear!

- Raub and Dianne