Weird headphone/line out jack issue

I have some basic ipod headphones I use with the op-1 when working on things on the go. I plug them in, and everything sounds fine/stereo is all good. For whatever reason, when I plug in ANY other type of aux cable/1/8th inch cable into the line out, it gives me a very quiet signal. If I leave the cable hanging out halfway, it works fine. I noticed that my ipod headphones have 3 rings, while all my other cables have 1 or 2 rings. Does anyone else have this issue? Will buying an aux cable with 3 rings solve the problem? Had to play a show with my cable taped in place half way out of the unit, and it was seriously risky!

after some quick research, that 3rd ring seems to be for headphones that have a mic. Still, I have multiple headphones that work fine with the op-1, but any aux cables I use don’t work right unless I have them inserted halfway in.

I believe the 2 rings on standard headphones are for L and R out…could be that one of the outputs on the OP-1 isn’t working? Or perhaps you have stuff panned? I don’t think it would make the overall output quiet if it were panned though. Maybe the second ring isn’t making good contact?

I believe the 2 rings on standard headphones are for L and R out…
yep but its not related to panning and when I have headphones in they work fine/panning and levels are all good. It’s only when I plug an 1/8th inch cable in to speakers that it doesn’t work. Headphones with 2 or 3 rings work fine, but any cable(I’ve tried multiple cables and bought a new one) still don’t work. Cables DO work when I leave then hanging half way out. I’d have no problem buying a new connector board but I don’t think that’s the problem since headphones work fine. This is really frustrating and I can’t seem to find anyone online who has the same problem.

Maybe the second ring isn’t making good contact?

This could be a possibility but then why does it work when halfway out? It’s almost like the op 1 input is too deep for the cable, because if it goes in too deep, the connection is lost or really weak, but when I have it in the sweet spot halfway out it works fine. It really just doesn’t make sense to me. If a stereo headphone with two rings works, why wouldn’t a stereo cable with two rings work?

yeah that is strange…i didn’t realize it sounded fine with headphones on. could it be the board or whatever speaker you’re plugging into? Coudl the jack on that end be messed up?

I plug it into a mixer and all the inputs seem to work on it when tested with my other keyboard, and when I swap the op1 with any of the inputs on the mixer, the problem persists.