Weird Issue

Hey Guys, i bought a new OP 1 3 days ago and yesterday the sound suddenly got darker (like a low pass was fading in on the overall sound) from time to time and after a few minutes i wasn’t able to play the synth and drum engines anymore. I checked the signal path, noFX or MasterFX or silent Seq etc. After i turned it off and back on the problem was gone. Does anybody know this sort of issue? In first place i bought it for a longer journey ( about 6 Month) and i have to trust it. Thank you very much

Is the pb occurring both on headphones and speaker ?

it was just that one day. It was connected to my Fireface 400 + USB for power. Didn´t have the pb before when i was only listening over headphones. Also i put in some Samples in the Drumfolder for the first time but since i turned it on and off everything is running as it should be. Just want to know if this is well known issue…

Maybe it wasn’t from the OP-1.

Next time, check with headphones and with the speaker to cross this source of trouble :slight_smile:
And retrieve this thread if it actually is where the anomaly resides in.

it seems that it´s the Headphone output. The Issue occurred again. When i “touch” the headphone jack it moves from quite to loud and back. Is it normal that the Headphone jack is that sensitive? The issue also occurred without touching the jacks. Also from time to time the tape effect “rewind” runs suddenly from it´s own when i press (just) play (that´s happened only one time but… ) What do you think. Do your Units here in the community run near perfect without any issues? Should i get a new one or is the op 1 sometimes a little buggy but most of the time stable and it´s part of the op1?

Mine sometime has phantom presses. A jump into a sequencer or it’ll play the wrong note.

Yes mine phantom jumps to seq or number 8 voice when I play keyboard .
It has lessoned as its worn in,but it still does.Initally I did have a problem of silent speaker,seeming connected to Jack.This stopped almost immediately with use- it happened twice.
Occasional rewind would annoy me more than seq turning on.I kept mine ,but maybe I should of pushed for a replacement machine.In hindsight.
Maybe contact them because left arrow is an important key.

i wrote TE about the issues which i think aren’t new for them, will see how they respond. i´ll let you know

I’d recommend reinstalling your firmware and doing a factory reset to see if it sorts the problem out.