Weird signing in problem

win7 chrome, sign in and sometimes it fails, but try again and eventually can sign in, but then try to reply and it is as if I am not signed in, there is no reply box and at the top it says I am not signed in, is it a cookie issue?

Hey Darenager, it sounds like Chrome showing you a cached version of the page (without the reply box). You could try doing ctrl-f5 to reload the current page ignoring cached content.

This happens to me sometimes… At least once or twice with iPad’s Safari, don’t remember if with other browsers as well. Hasn’t been a big problem since it happens so rarely. Some kind of problem with the server’s/forum’s cache settings?

Had this just now and I had it months ago as well, but it disappears after a time without me getting crazy. It helps not to press the home button, better take step backwards.

Just had it happen also, a minor annoyance.