Weird sync issue

Hello All,
I’m trying to sync my PO-33 to a Volca Keys.
The sync has absolutely no effect on the BPM speed of the PO. Any thing I do, the PO will stay in its BPM and only the actual BPM button will effect the playback speed.
I have done everything as per instructions but with no success.
I have made factory resets and all sorts of settings both on the Volca and on the PO.
Below the output from the PO when the Volca sync out is connected to PO in with TRS cable.
Both Volca and PO playing a pattern:
SY0 - PO Pattern (L+R) + Volca sync track (L)
SY1 - PO Pattern ® + PO sync track (L) + Volca sync track ®
SY2 - total silence
SY3 - total silence
SY4 - Volca sync track (L+R)
SY5 - Volca sync track ®

Any ideas on how to solve this?
Thanks in advance!

In the Global settings of the Volca, the “Sync out” polarity has to be on “Rise”.
With the Volca off, press and hold Function and Power on the Volca (this will enter global settings).
Play and Record will blink and keyboard buttons 1 - 7 will show the settings.
Button 3 LED has to be off.