Wej - Wireless MIDI/USB hub for iPad


Will probably fire off an email soon, inquiring as to whether Wej will have a USB host port for use with OP-1.

Wow!!! Yea…post the answer and i’m sure many will pre-order. The price is good.

I realized it has no 5-pin MIDI ports, so I’m back to saving my pennies for iConnectMIDI+ again.

the only thing i got from there video is that its a huge CCK w/ an LED light strip in it?

am i missing something?

What initially interested me was the wireless hub concept - you plug all your iPad USB peripherals into Wej, yet your iPad itself isn’t wired. But without the 5-pin MIDI ports, it’s an incomplete concept. I’d consider buying it if it had the MIDI ports instead of LED lights in the back, even if it cost more than iConnectMIDI 4+.