Welcome to the new site!

Hmm. Same here - 12.0.2/Mojave 10.14.2. I have “Ask websites not to track me” checked and “Prevent cross site tracking”, but I wouldn’t think they would be a problem.

I’ll fiddle some more later. I must admit I was surprised when simply closing a tab and re-opening was enough to require a login with the browser still open.

I’m in Pacific Time (in case there’s some time zone related expiry)

Ah, figured it out! I was going back in via an old bookmark to operator-1.com - which redirected and left me at op-forums.com but logged out.

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Wow very nice, many thanks for the dedication / hard work!
Really enjoyed @discobot walk thru, helped a philistine like me feel more at ease in this new environment :smile:


Interesting - I wonder why that causes a log out… But glad you found the reason!

I noticed the same with Brave on iOS.
I juste changed of browser, now using DuckDuckGo.

Thanks, that fixed it for me too! :slight_smile:

Thanks to all who have kept this site alive! I do have two comments:

  1. Any chance the color of the headlines, links and buttons can be changed to something darker? I find the yellow really hard to read.

  2. I have received a bunch of “Hidden By Community” - for being spam - on some old posts of mine that had links in them. Is this a DB transfer issue and they got automagically flagged by accident?

  3. I’m a dummy - is there a “HowTo” page about how to post or use the site in general. Still flailing around figuring it out.

Thanks again for the life of the site!

Indeed, a bunch of your posts were flagged due to many links. I approved all of them so it should be good.

With regards to style, I believe you can change the theme in your profile to “Dark”. If you can’t find it, let me know and I’ll check it out.

@discobot is useful for understanding how the site works. There should be a message from him in your inbox, if not you can pm it directly and it should start sending you messages. :robot:

theres also two different “Light” styles
the other one is blue instead of yellow

Yay! Great job @foxxyz and all others involved(?)!

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Nice ! Great job thank you @foxxyz

Transition to Discourse forum engine can be a bit chaotic at times.
Don’t hesitate to reach the moderation team if you feel like something abnormal is going on.

This community is extremely peaceful and behave very elegantly.
So I don’t think the flagging system will be of use.
But if you ever notice a post that is suspicious or spammy, please flag it : that’s the most efficient way to bring our attention on a detail and positively helps.

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Just relogged onto the new site. All my tracks are flagged as spam and I can’t post in threads because I’ve posted more than once. Can somebody please help?

Sorted - let me know if that looks better

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would it be at all possible to get the 2nd light theme back?
the blue one.
i really don’t like this yellow
its hard to read


Of course. Should be back now.


aw gee. thank u! @foxxyz

My iphone was stuck trying to access https://www.op-forums.com for some unknown reason, but that URL returns an “unsecure” page.

For those of you who noticed that we were down for a few hours… Our SSL certificate did not renew as planned and expired.

All good once more - my apologies.