Welcome to the new site!

It’s been a bit of a slog, but we’re back and free of Vanilla!

If you missed the site going down in the first place, there’s only one important thing: Your password no longer works. Regain access to your account by using the “Forgot Password” utility on the “Log In” page and you should be able to get back in. If you have any trouble, email us at help@operator-1.com.

Please be patient with us as we fix any kinks in the site configuration, clean up old posts/categories and generally tweak everything over the next few weeks.

We’d love to hear your feedback, and please let us know if you find things that don’t work correctly so we can do something about it.


finally :smiley:

looking great! thanks admins!!

Woohoo, good work. Looks amazing.

Great job. Nicely done!

oooOOOoooh. wicked. :slight_smile:

If I close the page then I have to login again next time I open it (at least on Safari iOS). Can’t you keep the authentication for some time as in the previous forum?


great that the image uploads works again. Thanks a lot.


Yeah same here :frowning:

I was about to say that embeds don’t work but I think that’s just happening for imported posts (they just appear as links). Looks like new posts embed instagram and soundcloud just fine.

This is great, and I appreciate the upgrade.

Just tried to post a video link in a thread and got 50 messages saying that my post was flagged as spam, lol

Great work! I can imagine the migration was not that easy to pull off!
I have one suggestion for the landing page, though:
Listing the different categories next to the latest post (as on this site https://community.vcvrack.com) would probably make the structure of this forum more clear.

Nice! Thanks to everyone involved in the transfer!

Does Safari iOS maybe automatically remove cookies on close? I can’t reproduce this behavior on desktop Safari… might try on an iPad later.

Looking good on Chrome! Nice to see all of our old content, too. Good work with the migration!

I’m on desktop safari. If I close the tab (not the whole of Safari), I have to log in again. I don’t have any super crazy cookie cleanup settings either.

Just tested this on Safari 12.0.2 (MacOS Mojave) and stayed logged in both after closing the tab, as well as closing the entire application and starting it back up… Any more details on reproducing?