Went Beta.... Went Back.... I'm in BIG trouble... Please help???

So, i couldn’t resist installing the beta OS update.

I saved all of my patches to the computer and went for it. Uploaded fine but ALL of my patches vanished. Went into disk mode and they are all there. Deleted them and transferred them again… nothing shows up on the Op but they show in disk mode again.
Filled my breeches and went back to OS 14203, did a factory reset and started again… Same shiz!!

Can any of you kindly folk please give me a hint as to what i’m doing wrong?

Do OP-1 show anything on the startup screen when you delete and upload patches one more time?

Yup, they all load up giving the location and synth patche created etc…

I had the same experience. Updated, lost presets from the 14203, went back to 14203 and it was the same as the beta. I ended up returning that OP-1 because the mic was faulty. I got a new one and just accepted that I was gonna permanetly be with the beta presets.

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Thanks dude, i’m thinking it might be hardware/firmware related as i’ve tried loads of different patches on top of the one’s I pulled off it. Snapshot folder has vanished. If I create a new folder and load the patches, they’ll show up in that folder, appear to be loading on re-boot and then… nothing.
It’s really irrating.