what cable to split the clicktrack and audio signals?

I’d like to split the audio signal from click track coming out of a PO so that I can route one of my chained POs through a Monotron delay before it goes into a mixer.

What sort of cable do i need for this?

you need an LR to L x R splitter cable

like this…

or a LR to LL x RR splitter cable sometimes referred to as a DJ splitter cable.

like this…

click is on the tip (left), audio on the ring (right)

do they make them male to male?

they might. check amazon, ebay, etc.

are these cables called something specfic? searching (amazon uk) just brings up cables that give you two stereo outputs for sharing your iphone output and such

@AudioJack If you look at the links provided by @docshmersticks you will find that both the links and the respective pages call the cables by specific names: “stereo breakout cable” and “dj cable”…

thanks, the search term breakout helped.