What can the OP-1 and OP-Z do together?


Which one are you using as the master clock?

And how are you listening to them both? Are you feeding the OP-Z intomthe OP-1?


The OPZ is the master clock.
Then the outputs are put together through a small mixing table (“Maker Hart” brand).
It turns out that I managed to synchronize them both perfectly with a firmware update… BUT… now I have strong noise interference : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4JB33vgwxbA&t


Excellent. I tried using a Roland Go Mixer to mix the two together and it worked fine.

I need to look at the MIDI settings for both. Pressing Play on either device starts both of them right now.


You’re lucky…
Now, one can try another thing that really shows how much noise interference the OPZ adds to OP1 :

  • plug the output of OPZ to the Mic Input of the OP1 (so that you can record the OPZ to an OP1 track), you will
  • plug them together with midi (USB) so they synchronize with MIDI
  • activate the line-in to hear the OPZ via OP1

Normally you should get a crazy interference of a high pitch noise, over the OPZ sound…


Is this related to the opz as usb host is charging the op1? There was a feature to turn of loading on the opz but I guess the other way around that it is not charging with connected USB.


You can turn off USB charging on both op-1 and op-z to help. On mine I still get some buzz. I bought a ground loop isolator off amazon and it sounds perfect.
If you route your audio from op-1 and op-z to a mixer instead of from the op-z to the op-1 you won’t get the buzz when the two are connected over USB.


Well, I wish you were right for all the mixers… on the video, I show that the mixer I have doesn’t prevent such a thing. I tried on a professional mixer and although the buzz is lower, it’s still there and to my opinion no acceptable.
I guess I will have to check for the loop isolator… USB one (people complained that the sound loop isolator deteriorates too much of the sound quality, removing frequencies…)


Sorry I didn’t watch the video. I am using the exact same mixer and don’t get that. It might be the cables you are using? I don’t have that usb to mini usb cable but I thought about buying it but have not because so far I have tried buying two different cables off amazon that said they could be used for data that don’t do anything. The straight through just usb-c, the apple usb-c adapter and the TE cables are the only USB cables I have had any success with.


Good to know ! Thanks
Could be the cables… I will try more.
Now, I suspect my OP1 is responsible. I bet it didn’t get properly shielded…


Final note : I think my issue on the buzz sound is resolved. And yes : I had to cancel the USB power on OP-1 and OP-Z (“Screen” button + E2 Note).

Now, looks like I can’t put the OP-Z back to USB powering… “Screen” button + E2 Note doesn’t seem to toggle it back… but it’s another story :wink: