What can the OP-1 and OP-Z do together?

Could someone explain what functionality currently exists when connecting an OP-1 to an OP-Z? Thanks!


Agree, a master list of paired functionality would be great.



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Hoping a new op-1 OS update will address this as well.
It would be nice to transfer samples between the two via the iOS app, or even just over usb.


and what kind of cable would I need? A simple usb c to mini usb?

@geesbert said:
and what kind of cable would I need? A simple usb c to mini usb?


Ok I don’t have a video yet but today I got midi out working and have been sequencing Model 15 and Ripplemaker in iOS via the op-z and recording to the op-1 tape… step components driving soft synths is fun! Going to try it with the 0-coast later ?

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The OPZ is a usb host right?

@l3ftofthedial said:
The OPZ is a usb host right?
I’ve heard that but I’m having some difficulty with it. Seemed to work perfectly with iOS apps, but just now I tried sending midi through a Kenton USB host to a 0-Coast - the notes weren’t picked up consistently by the 0-coast, and strange things happened when I tried the Step Components. But something was happening.
So maybe I need to go straight into the 0-coast without the Kenton?
Guess I’d need a usb-C to Midi cable for that?

Or maybe an usb c —> a and a midi interface cable usb <-> midi din ?

Tried USB C to USB A plug last night between the OP1 and OPZ. Keys played on op1 were received and lit the trigs. Start stop was in sync. OP1 glitched out on settings and was pretty unusable.

Has anyone actually gotten this to work well with an op-1 sync’d to the z by connecting the directly together via a usb c to a converter? I’m using the adapter suggested by TE.

Andddd it deleted all my patterns somewhere during the crashing when playing with midi.

I have the oplab and I’ve been able to sync both units pretty well. I like the op1 as master and using the Endless Sequencer to send and record melodies or beats to the opz. I can make more complex sequences on the op1 using the opz too. The only thing is that there is quite a lot of noise being generated from the op1 being connected to the oplab. I had to use high quality shielded cables and tweak the knobs on my mixer to make the noise almost non-existent. Overall its pretty cool using both devices in tandem. I still need to see how well sending midi cc from the opz will work.

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@oxxi said:
The only thing is that there is quite a lot of noise being generated from the op1 being connected to the oplab.

Do you have OP-1’s USB charging turned off? That should help.

@Sparky yes and still same thing. Maybe opz needs the same feature to turn off charging.

if u still can’t get rid of the noise, try a ground loop isolator.
worked for me. they are cheap

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Second the good dr. I found no love with the charging option on both my op1s

I am also trying to figure-out how to take the best out of both OP-Z & OP-1 together. After all:

  • OP-Z is a great sequencer
  • OP-1 is a great 4 tracks recorder (with of course its built-in synths)

So my idea would be that the OP-z would control the MIDI and the main music. While the OP-1 can allow more “live recording” while playing the OP-Z.

I used a USB-C to USB adapter such as this one : https://www.dhgate.com/product/type-c-to-usb-adapter-3-1-usb-c-thunderbolt/414257253.html

At first glance it worked : the OP-1 could send midi signals to the OP-Z. And in fact… vice-versa.
And when starting OP-Z sequence, the OP-1 “magically” plays the track from timecode 00:00
Great : it would then mean that both can play together whatever is on their tracks… and if I output both to a mixing table, then I can have them both making music…

However : after few seconds, the OP-1 seemed to interfere with the OP-Z :

  • connection lost between the OP-Z and my ipad (for the UI)
  • OP-Z sort-of frozen…

Then if disconnected the the OP-1, sometimes the OP-Z would come back to life by suddenly playing lots of notes and coming to normal tempo. very much like a buffer of midi codes that needed to flush.

I thought it could come from the fact that the OP-1 is trying to suck power for charging and thus puts the OP-Z in an unstable state. So I plugged a power source through the USB-C of the adapter I gave the link to. Unfortunately it didn’t change anything.

I do suspect that the midi signals are going in both directions and somehow saturates the midi interface.

Did anyone get more success ?


PS: OP-1 <--> OP-Z Sync Thread (Post updates #235 & 1.1.23) probably a better thread for this matter…
Firmware update might help…