What delay pedal?

I’m about to buy a new delay pedal for my guitar rig but wanted something that would play nice with my OP-Z and OP-1. I’m interested in the opinions of this community…

Depends how fancy you want to get. The Hall of Fame is fantastic, and handles line-level well. It’s also relatively cheap.

I thought hall of fame was reverb. Do you mean flashback? I had a carbon copy but it broke. Then ordered an avalanche run but didn’t like it so sent it back. I need one that’s stereo. Is the empress zoia worth all the hype (I know it’s more than a verb)? I was also looking at a koma field kit fx but I don’t know how much I would really use that. I usually impulse buy but I don’t want to do that this time around…

You’re right. I was being a dunce. I still recommend the HoF though, as a great reverb.

I use an H9 for delay. Koma is cool, but really fiddly if all you need is delay.

But it really depends what you want. Analog/digital? MIDI? basic delay, or fancy crystal effects?

I wanted a flexible choice of effects to compliment the OP-1, and I went for a cheap Zoom MS-70CDR, which provides various reverbs, delays and other things. It works with a guitar but is also stereo, which can be nice to have. I usually record it’s stereo output with an external tiny LS-P4 Olympus recorder while playing on the OP-1, then simply send it from the LS-P4 to the tape recorder in the OP-1 once it’s done. The OP-1 records in mono but I still have the stereo track on the Olympus recorder if I want to import it in my DAW.

I’m used to the amazing sounding VST reverbs like Blackhole and MS-70CDR is not as great but you can combine several effects and say, by chaining two reverbs, you get something interesting.

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DOD Rubberneck is a fun analog delay. The note division is very playable.

rubberneck does look fun. I took the plunge and ordered a koma field kit fx. As far as a delay pedal for my guitar that can also be used with TE stuff, I might try an inexpensive one. I like those new boss waza analog delays because I can control the delay time with my expression pedal. That might be kind of cool…thanks for the suggestions.

Koma stuff looks rad. Enjoy!

trying to figure out what kind of cables to buy to be able to run op-1, etc. through it. Balanced or unbalanced? Reading the manual now but if anyone knows, please let me know

OP1 jacks are TRS stereo jacks
3.5mm (1/8")

so just a regular 3.5 patch cable out of op-1 into field kit I’m hoping

The family of Boss DD-6 (or newer) is great with the OP-1, these can be found for cheap used. I’m currently also using a cousin of the Zoom mentioned before (MS-100BT), and it’s really fun, you can create a chain of 6 effects and there are plenty to choose from, chorus, reverbs, delays, overdrives, distortions, etc.

So I have a little bit left in my budget. Trying to decide if I should just go ahead and continue the plunge and get the field kit (to go with the field kit fx in transit) or…should I get the oplab module and slowly start getting used to cv, etc.?

If you have the budget : Meris Polymoon !

Coupled with the Meris Mercury7 on a fat cluster synth, you can reach the stars :wink: