What do the encoders on the Performance track do?

I have a page of “white” encoders on my performance track (with the guy punching the wall) but I can’t find anything about them in the manual, nor do they seem to do anything. Any ideas?

It doesn’t sound like they do anything. But when you are on a specific track (1-8) hold shift to access punch in fx it will let you change the tracks filter settings and reset when you let go of shift.

The encoders don’t seem to do anything now, but here is my idea for how they could be used:

Performance track mask:

Hold shift to designate track(s) for step editing. While holding shift, tracks with a yellow LED can be edited in the performance track.

Will work similarly to track selection within the FX and master/transpose tracks.

The track will function exactly as it does now when all tracks are selected with a yellow led while holding shift. When deselecting tracks from the performance channel, their sequencer data is no longer shown and leds disappear from grid. New notes added to the sequencer or recorded live will not affect deselected channels. Notes recorded to deselected channels will still be heard while the performance track is unmuted.

I presently only find myself using the performance track to delete poor takes of something I recorded while holding shift on an individual instrument track. Data from all tracks is shared on the grid steps, so editing or deleting with precision is not possible. A poor punch in recording could force you to delete and re-record several other good takes that share the channel. It is also laborious to switch from instrument tracks to the performance track in the case of deleting or editing a recorded take.

Bonus: Performance track parameters

Amount Speed Division Range

The first two parameters, Amount and Speed, are applied to the timbral punch-in effects: filter, stereo, short, long.

Division is applied to the grid timing based punch in effects: loop 1, loop 2, follow/echo

Range is applied to the tonal punch-in effects: pitch, ramp up, ramp down, and random.

All encoder parameters can be recorded to the grid sequencer on selected tracks within the performance track.

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