What does everyone think about the woovebox?

Looks pretty sweet!


nice to see a new better PO! curious about its sampling functionality. Should make for a great holiday gift! if only it had a flat encoder like opz!


I feel that there are too many features and not enough controls. Also, this thing clearly would benefit from a better display. At least 16-segment displays to show letters properly. I like minimalism in principle, but at some point it becomes simply annoying. It should be about cutting out unnecessary things, rather than cutting out necessary things and forcing people to feel a kind of Stockholm syndrome because they “mastered” the UI.


I’d say it’s following a bit of a trend - the PO form factor trend.

And although it looks like a menu-diving bit of kit, it certainly packs a hell of a punch. In my ideal world, this exact product in the shell form of a PO (and a calculator-like screen with more useful infos than on the POs) and I’d buy a bunch.

I’ll wait and see if an open community designs a useful case for it (with a comprehensive manual and tutorials) before jumping in. After all, already got my hands full with the op1f and my (soon to arrive) PO35.

I just came across Music Radar’s article talking about it, alongside the one about the FGDP-30/50s (that look enticing af).

Looks like some great gear is coming our way!

i would design a case for this but the touch sensitive buttons would make a case solution unusual. in my experience my POs without a case the buttons eventually develop issues. the ones in a case all these years later are rock solid. might just be a fluke on my end. the included pouch case prolly solves much of this. I really wish these uber thin portable devices would put more consideration into pocketability.

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You might be able to spray some Deoxit into the buttons. It’s probably dust, crud, or other debris that gets into the contact sensors causing an issue. Also explains why a case is important, to help keep random particles from getting in there in the first place.

Yeah, to be honest I made this post when I started watching the video, and was very much thinking about buying one, but by midway through the video I was thinking that it was the kind of thing I didn’t use enough to get comfortable with, and it would be resigned to the shelf of unused gadgets, pulled down for a tinker every 6 months or so, only to be put back 10 minutes later when I couldn’t figure out how to do some simple thing…

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for $250 I feel like it is charging above its weight class. At $100-$150 they could push for the “PO-33” competitor, but now they are competing against Liven products, the Microfreak, and a lot of other high value and high feature brands in this price range.

For sure, there’s a lot interesting there, but it is all stuck behind one knob, I believe two somewhat dedicated looking side buttons, and the 16 everything trigger/pattern/shortcut buttons. I get that it is boutique device, which comes with a premium price tag, but I don’t know that this is going to be the type of device that everybody is going to want.

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I can’t wait to order one. Missed out on first batch. I think it’s excellent value - especially from more or less a one man shop here in Australia.

I have a microfreak, it cost me more than this unit when bought new. Microfreak is a 4 note paraphonic synth. This is a pocketable workstation. They’re quite different beasts. Microfreak has no effects, no song arrangement abilities, etc.

I do love the freak though :slight_smile:

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