What if I told you…The sketch sequencer is just a piano roll

The sketch sequencer is a “Micro-tonal” sequencer, but it can be used as a traditional piano roll, you can quantize note values by pressing the keys first before you draw in the note length, use the grid (Shift + White knob) to assist with timing.

…Just figured this out about 5mins ago, thought it may help clear up some confusion/mystery.


Good tip, I had forgotten this :slight_smile:

Several of us might have found this out recently in Battle 76! :smiley:


Did someone mention using this technique in one of their compositions?


Not really, I recognized the roll within the battle again…

I get the feeling we are not talking about the same thing here.

This is what I mean by “Piano Roll”:

What did you mean to say?

Sorry, I was talking about the last op1 battle here…
I’ve seen the piano roll with holding shift, but haven’t used it together with holding a key…
Thanks again for the tips!