What is taking so long?

What’s up with the sampling? Are we gonna get it soon? I really can’t wait!! Does anyone know anything?

Software development is taking so long. I assume they were in very early beta when it was announced. They’re not just sitting on it for turture’s sake, they’re making sure it works right.


This is certainly a cool feature, but it is already possible to load samples into the OP-Z (although in a cumbersome way). I don’t get why people are so anxious about it and calling this a game changer…

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I think workflow is a big part of people’s creativity.
That’s one reason why I don’t use my OP-Z at the moment, but instead only make songs with the PO-33.
Making anything sample based on the OP-Z is so tedious that in my opinion it’s hard to get in the flow. Working with the synths on it is great, but sampling is less than mediocre.
For me the sampling update certainly is a ‘‘gamechanger’’ and will finally be the update that makes the OP-Z worth my money.

I can understand that people who aren’t into sampling so much wouldn’t care about it though… as the synth and sequencer are quite nice :slight_smile:


hb Resampling master into a sample slot???

That way you could record pitch bend among other things. Up to 12 seconds only of course.


YES! that would be perfect, would allow for layering drums so nicely !

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Yes what he said!! Please hurry!! I really want me opz to sample! That will be unbelievable!!

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I have been loving my OP-z but the absence of on-the-go sampling has been a bit of an annoyance for me, especially for such a capable device with a mic.

I was always thinking that the OP-z certainly has the capacity for it (mic, processing power etc.) and now they said that they are working on it!

It will be a game changer and will surely create a surge in their sales. It could even give the OP-Z the same legendary status as the OP-1!