What is the current OP-1 firmware?

Dear all,

I haven’t been using my OP-1 for a couple of years and I am thinking of bringing it back to life again. I just wonder if the firmware has been updated since the end of 2015?


Hello, yes there’s a new firmware available, check the TE website for a download link. Your op-1 should appreciate it, some very cool new features :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply! You got me excited! :slight_smile:

So, the next question is how to update the firmware (I’m on a Windows computer)? I found the firmware on the Teenage Engineering site, but no instructions. And I don’t find any instructions in the manual.


how to update:
1. hold the OP-1 COM key before powering on. this will take you to the “TE-boot” screen.
2. press “1” on OP-1.
3. follow the on-screen instructions.

Thanks again, I see now that those instructions are on the TE site. (I thought that the text belonged to oplab).

Will be exciting to try!

If you like the old presets, make a copy before updating as it will replace the presets with the new ones