What is the magic power of the CM-15 noise cancellation?

I am in the process of pulling he trigger on a CM-15 but I am confused. I watched Cuckoo’s video (hes awesome btw) and others and I don’t understand how this mic does so well with not picking up surrounding noise? I had a Neuman Tl103 and even a U87ai and both are great but 100% need a treated room. Seems like the CM15 gives the same type of capsule yet doesn’t get a ton of background noise? What have they done with this to work so well?

cuckoo is the best.

AFAIK it’s just a supercardiod pattern condenser. which has attenuation in the 180 degree point and around that back area.

ive been loving my cm-15, but i can’t say it doesnt pick up background noise. i hear tinkering in my neighbors apt if im unlucky timing my recording sessions at home.

Thanks for this, this is good info. It seems very impressive, for the brief time I had my U87ai, I mean that thing picked up absolutely everything around it. So it sounds like the Cm15 will be a cool upgrade with some smart tuning.

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oh np at all. ive been using it daily for about a month now. any questions shoot.

i think it would be yeah. i can wholeheartedly recommend it. i think some of the negative reviews out there are from folks who are (lamentably) not experienced enough with condenser mics in general (or worse) just mics/recording engineering in general lol. even pretty widely circulated YouTube reviews and im like, wow has this person ever used a condenser mic?

anyway, its an excellent mic and does not outshine in quality a peluso or neumann but is exactly on par with them id say. peluso was contracted to made the capsule for this mic so it really is a peluso “under the hood”

where it does outshine literally every single mic ive ever used in the condenser space is in its practicality and portability. i am now able to capture the magic of moments that would erstwhile be left for me to try to recreate in a confined studio hours or days later, well after the spark has died and the best i could do is synthesize some simulacrum of my orig idea.

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It’s true. It doesn’t have a special sauce for noise reduction other than its narrow pickup pattern. I’ve done several vocal sessions with it now. Some were in a treated vocal booth and some were in my home studio where I just have a velvet curtain set up a few inches behind the mic position.

Get the pop filter in place, get up close, control what’s coming in from behind the mic and you won’t hear the difference between the spaces (in a mix). When I couldn’t find someone to bring me a mic stand late one night at the studio, I did hand hold it (like you see people on YT doing) and it was surprisingly fine.

It will not work well just set up on a table with the stand. That’s a myth. Maybe as a talkback mic, but not for serious work. Room tone is going to be all up in your business.


It does feel like magic though - I have it and it’s the perfect field mic for writing around the house. Also, because the directionality of the mic it’s really easy to find the angle and spot that sounds great