What is the point of the OB4's click function?

I got an OB4-

First off- VERY high quality speaker and it’s fun…and very peculiar.

They added this new click/kick function that i’m having a hard time understanding. Is it the sort of thing that you can match with the radio/bluetooth and use that way? :thinking:

can you show us ?

you talking about the metronome?

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Yeah- I just downloaded the orthoplay app and am trying to figurer out what the metronome’s use is and how it’s applicable to other functions of the ob4 like sampling and looping.

I can’t post video here unfortunately. Wait can I?

It looks like it’s literally just a metronome 808- which I guess would be cool to replace a kick drum in a live performance of your tracks- the problem is what if you wanted to pull the kick? Which people tend to like to do, lol.

It’s a cool feature i’m just trying to figure out where they’re going with it- not flexible at this point.

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i just use the metronome as a metronome for when i need a metronome in my life… not sure its supposed to integrate with the tape track…

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Yeah- it’s such a weird addition lol.

metronome, i dont think its an update. original ob4 had metronome.

yes, you can post video: OB–4 overview - YouTube @1:37 metronome

the addition is being able to switch it out for an 808 kick.

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At least you don’t get the point of one function… I don’t get the point of the ob4 at all!! Lol.


its a portable speaker. not hard to figure out?


if anything it sounds really really good