What is this guy holding in his hand?

From Trio 1982. Too close for comfort lol.


Casio VL-1

AKA OP-1 spiritual ancestor :smiley:

I have one, they’re really fun. Monophonic but you sample one note in the OP synths and it becomes poly :slight_smile:
The “fantasy” preset is ace. There is a mode for you to do your own sounds based on their synth engine’s ADSR.

Youve got one. Its over 30 years old and still working. I hope the OP-1 lasts as long. The little window. The colour and size. I wonder if TE saw this and based the OP-1 around it.

I have one of these also. It’s got a real analog oscillator in there. It also functions as a calculator. You program the synth parameters by using the calculator ‘memory’ function. Pretty bonkers.

I got the radio shack version…

*******(ducks for cover…)

Got one here too. Always wanted one as a kid. Got it in a 2nd hand shop couple years ago for £1.50. My kids love it :slight_smile:

I have one from my childhood. It still works, but the memory key is shot so ADSR programming doesn’t work. Total bummer.

I think these were originally marketed as a calculator with a built-in synthesizer, not the other way around :slight_smile: