What is this thing? (from nothing's youtube)

looks like some kind of rack system with a modular section and a dj controller. anyways looks cool as hell.

Was curious about that myself and asked about it in the Collab thread thinking it was some fancy new reel-to-reel machine from TE. Has an AKAI GX-77 sort of vibe to it :heart_eyes:

i seen this before maybe awhile ago (or atleast something very similar)
can’t remember where…its like a custom DJ setup they made for something

ah here we go…from 2019

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Shame it’s not a reel-to-reel, looks very nice though, I like that industrial vibe!

Also, what is the item next to the Ortho remote on top of the Festool box?

It looks similar to the OP-1, but it lacks the volume knob. Looks like it has a handle on the right?

Screen Shot 2021-03-04 at 8.55.08 AM


Or a ribbon :grinning:

thats interesting, it looks like a prototype with the speaker and screen sitting on top. it looks like it has a layout for keys but no depth