What is your backup/start afresh workflow when your tape is full?

I generally tinker about on the OP-1 making little ideas until I run out of tape, and then dump the whole contents of memory into a folder on my mac. Just wondering what everyone else’s next steps are from there?

I feel like I should be renaming/organising the user synth/samples/drum sounds that I’ve stored, maybe make an ableton project with the 4 tape tracks dumped in so I can easily have a listen to the ideas I@ve recorded?

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i tend not to back up because atleast for me thats how unfinished things start to pile up
i work on them until i am happy, record them over to ableton, wipe the tape and keep it moving

for me this is the best way i’ve found to stay productive and not get stagnant
but i do understand that everyone is different and has a different way of working
and has different intent // goals in mind

over the years i found that once i had moved on
i never went back to revisit things i thought i needed to preciously archive anyway

i’ve lost everything many times. entire hard drives of things.
while the first time i almost had a panic attack it helped me let go
and understand that all things are mostly temporary
build and destroy and rebuild again its no biggie anymore.
make something new. make something better. keep learning. keep evolving.

this is maybe not the type of answer u were looking for but just my 2c :moneybag:


I do something similar; I record the whole tape to an album track, so I’ve got the whole thing mixed in one spot. Then I backup the entire op-1 contents to hard drive on my mac.
I tend to record 4 bar loops mostly, so I’ll pick the two that I like the best and lift them to the buffer before erasing the tape.
Then I drop them at the beginning of the next blank tape. This way, I always have a couple of things I like at the front and can refer back to them or try to make something better.
Only problem is I never change BPM, I don’t want my tape to have different timings.

then i have a little computer program i wrote to collect things off the tape/albums along with all the user instruments, and name them and put them in a folder together. that’s what i do when i’m building things on the tape.

when i’ve been using the op-1 as an instrument, and recording into the 1010music bluebox, and the tape has gotten full of loops and noises then i just wipe the tape because fuck it.

I put them on my hard drive then never go back and work on them anymore. It would take weeks to go through all my op-1 backups. I think @docshermsticks has the right idea.

I usually upload all the loops and things from the tape into an Audioshare folder to then use them with other sampler/synth/granular plugins and apps. Or sometimes I go back and finish it on the OP-1 itself. I try not to have a dedicated workflow that I use every single time because that makes things boring and uninspired to me. I generally make it up as I go, and if it’s not working or being used, it just gets deleted.