What next from TE?

I can’t be the only one to have seen this:


i would expect more in the PO line. seems like they have done well.

I think that’s just them looking for someone to fix or build op-1’s.

Wasn’t there going to be a PO sampler?

^ No, they sort of announced a singing and a composer PO, whatever that means…

I think that's just them looking for someone to fix or build op-1's.

Pay an engineer to build OP-1s? It seems like it is more fit-for-manufacturing design, probably to avoid issues like the delay in manufacturing for the POs. My wife’s company is growing rapidly and hitting the same issue. Producing large volumes requires careful planning of manufacturability.

Job descriptionin this highly immersive role, you will:
  • drive detailed part and assembly design and documentation
  • implement design that delivers the original product vision for ID, user experience & cost targets
  • conduct early DOE studies and present conclusions to support design
  • undertake hands on prototype fabrication
  • support our overseas mfg. operations through rapid problem solving and process refinement
  • perform root cause analysis studies and corrective action plan implementation
  • work with consultants & suppliers to define and refine tooling and fixtures
  • travel to asia in support of manufacturing & mechanical engineering efforts
  • excellent written, visual and verbal communication skills and people skills; ability to interact efficiently with team members and manage external vendors.
  • teamwork: be able to efficiently collaborate with team members to achieve project goals, and contribute positively to the hardware team dynamic.

I feel it not unreasonable to think after the PO they’ll go back to producing a high end instrument. I don’t think an OP-2 given how wonderfully creative and curious TE is; not something’s that’s merely an improved, augmented and modernized iteration of something that came before, from themselves no less. But hopefully something powerful like that OP-1.

Maybe they’re craving a full sized keyboard and they’ll make an OP-XL… YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST!


OP-1 styled hardware but you connect an iPad. All the software is within the App on the iPad.

Somethings up https://instagram.com/p/6xEH9duz2d/

Somethings up https://instagram.com/p/6xEH9duz2d/

He did receive a patent on 4/7/2015 for a “Remote Control.” Probably the Ortho. I hope it is one newer than that one. That’s the only one listed and the database says it’s current through 09/01/2015, though. No other patents for Jesper or Teenage Engineering in the database.

Good detective work!

They havent made a PO with white knobs yet…

Please make the speaker have a subwoofer built in this time!!!

A portable od11

OP-1 styled hardware but you connect an iPad. All the software is within the App on the iPad.

that makes no sense.

^if it was cheap i think people would groove with it. But the op1 already does this and seemingly TE doesnt like redundancy.

OP-1 styled hardware but you connect an iPad. All the software is within the App on the iPad.

that makes no sense.

why does it not make sense?

one of the drawbacks of future development of OP-1’s is the memory and I guess processor - an ipad has this in spades and would offer infinite development opportunity going forward. A killer TE app - perhaps it would only work if you have the controller or original OP-1 :wink:

they’ve certainly got a signature, design wise. minimal graphical displays definitely play a part in their musical products, and there’s always a bit of homage going on, Casio tone, Carlsson, game and watch, calculator etc. but PO went more in the Lo fi direction. it’s obvious fun factor is important to them. they’re an excellent company with fresh and original contributions. it’s safe to say video games inspire them a fair bit. I think maybe whatever they do next will exist in these realms to some degree. And it will be awesome