What note-taking methods do you use for live performance

It would be interesting to know who uses what.
Maybe someone throws midi into files, prints them out as sheet music, then makes notes on them. Or is it a piece of tissue paper? Maybe everything from memory? It is not so easy to remember all your patterns, muted groups, and when you decided 2 days ago to use a knob for a specific sound, but totally forgot, when and which.
I’m not talking specifically about performing in front of an audience. In this case, of course, it would be better not to use notation. But how do you take notes when composing and preparing?

I have a little moleskin notebook, I have all kinds of notes in it about my Z and other things

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I just always use the same layout for everything so I never need to think about it. Kicks and snares always on track 1, the same filter scenes assigned to the same scene slot, etc.

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^ yes this is a good way fosho. take the guess work out of it by standardizing things.

sometimes i wold just write stuff on a lil post it note and wrap it in clear packaging tape so it would last more than one show.

sometimes its fun just to fly without a net too

i think the more shows u play the more u will figure out what is necessary and what isn’t for u

sometimes u spend all this time on things u think are important only to find in the moment u dont end up needing or using them at all

its music not a chemistry set :stuck_out_tongue:


What do you mean by filter scene and scene slot?

Sorry about that, my brain slipped into Octatrack mode for a second. :grin:

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No worries, thought I might be missing a feature on the op-z or at maybe an approach to using patterns!